Company Profile

The Transport Services and Logistics Group (including ATSL Australia)

The TSL Group is a young, dynamic and progressive group of offices providing complete import and export freight forwarding services.

Each office is managed and run by very enthusiastic and knowledgeable people, with a very strong focus on tailoring services to meet both clients and partners requirements. There is a very strong emphasis placed serving and satisfying those requirements.

TSL was opened in New Zealand in 1999.This was followed by the opening of TSL Thailand in 2005 and ATSL Australia in 2006.

TSL offices then opened in USA in 2009, Canada in 2012 and Japan in 2013. These have been followed by TSL Indonesia in 2015 and now TSL Vietnam in 2016.

Together with our various partners worldwide, TSL do provide complete international logistics services whilst priding themselves at being complete Trans Pacific service providers.

As is known, different countries have different systems and different requirements that all require experienced local expertise. 

TSL and ATSL certainly do meet those requirements in the countries where we are located.

Our website,, provides all contact personnel and contact details of who will be able to provide complete information and details of that countries specific requirements.

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